Maracena Youth Center (Spain)

Maracena Youth Center is a social-educational institution from where they pretend to give an answer to many of the necessities of the Youth and encourage them in a dynamic form to participate, to attend at training courses and activities pro and for leisure and free time, and at the same time to prevent harmful habits within the Youth.

Their proposal focuses on motivation and education towards free time as a basis to achieve a comprehensive education of the Youth where youth associations and their representatives are the support of the Youth movement in Maracena.

Moreover, the Youth Center encourages the participation of the youngsters and their collective, with a great range of programs and activities of a very different nature and with many diversified objectives. A globalized approach to the Youth leisure, which can provide a comprehensive response to the social-cultural needs of the Youth.

To achieve their objectives, Maracena Youth Center work on six areas:
– Leisure & Education
– Mobility & Languages
– Associations & Participation
– Academical & Professional studies and guidance
– Work & Training
– Housing

To find more you can take a look to Espacio Joven Ayuntamiento de Maracena website