Gulbenes Municipality Council (Latvia)

Gulbene Municipality Council (Gulbenes novada dome) is one of the 118 elected local governments in Latvia.

The main aims of the local government are to provide the community for the needed services and to represent the interests of the local residents.

The main functions and fields of activity are: water supply, house heating, waste management, landscape development, education, social assistance & services, health promotion, housing, local transportation.

Gulbene Municipality Council initiates social, educational, project etc. activities that fall in line with the development plans of its territory and address corresponding local population groups which may apply the knowledge and skills they possess. The Municipality also renders support to the different population groups including youth, seniors, disabled and disadvantaged people to help them carry out their ideas and ambitions to improve quality of life.

The partnership in the project will be coordinated by specialists from Department of Education, culture and sport who have long year experience with local and international projects and who are responsible in municipality in life-long learning field, youth work and teachers further education.


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