International multiplier event in Latvia was divided in 2 parts:
1) “Crea Lab” (Laboratorija “Radoši. Efektīvi. Ambiciozi”) that took place in Gulbene Cultural Center on 16th of February, 2017;
2) Visits for international guests to see developed creative learning environments in Gulbene municipality. Visits were organized on 16th and 17th of February, 2017.

The main aim of “Crea Lab” was to present 3 intellectual outputs developed during the project and other project results. “Crea Lab” was attended by 59 local participants and 6 international guests.

As project was about creative learning environments then it was important to organize whole event keeping in mind main elements of creative learning environment. Physical environment of the event was created playful and colorful, offering various materials to work with; all presentations were made as interactive workshops, at the end developed project materials were disseminated and offered to participants for free.

At the beginning of the event welcoming speeches were given by A. Caunītis (Deputy Chairman of Gulbene Municipality Council), A. Šķēls (Head of Gulbene Municipality Council Education, culture and sport department). Bruno Bahs from (Mission Possible / Iespējamā misija) gave keynote speech  “Create effectively!” which was focused on importance of creativity in nowadays, creative learning environments and changes in Latvian education system – new competence framework.

The main part of the events was dedicated to present 3 intellectual outputs and main results of the project. In order to share outcomes five rounds of 5 simultaneous 30 min workshops were organized:
Lab No 1 “Creative Pit Stop” to learn more about IO1 State of Art research “The First Looking at Learning”. Making collage and learning about the State of Art;
Lab No 2 “Discover creative learning environments” to learn about IO3 Research “The Key Elements of Creative Learning Environment: a case study from Latvia, Spain and the Netherlands”. Participants get to know more about the research results and using various materials created creative learning element(s) that is/are relevant / need to be improved in their educational realities;
Lab No 3 “Innovation in education: Eduesc@peroom”. Participants learned more about eduesc@peroom concept and they experienced small eduesc@perooms. Two small rooms were built for the international multiplier event;
Lab No 4 “River of Learning. Personal Learning experience”. Participants had an opportunity to reflect on their own meaningful learning experiences and link elements of it with their work as educators;
Lab No 5 “Freedom of choice”. Two educators: Nathalie de Vries from Merakel (the Netherlands) and Cecilia Alvarez de Soto from Createctura (Spain) shared good practices developed during the project. Nathalie presented new approach to work with young people with disabilities. Cecilia presented creative learning activities for children.

All Labs were facilitated by the people involved in the L@L project: educators, researchers, coordinators.

Furthermore during the lunch break participants could take part in the activity “Learning 360” – discovering their own learning process and check out various informative materials from Latvian NA, Gulbene city council and other educational institutions.

At the end of the event summary from all workshops were given, received feedback from participants and event was closed by speech from the representative of Latvian NA Juta Reķele. Here you can see some of the feedback received from “Crea Lab” participants:
*Gnostic, Rich and Inspiring Day!
* Challenging Day, full of new ideas!
*Order in the premises where I am;
*I am learning the thing what I can use immediately in the practice;
* Don’t Be Scared to do things other than normal;
*Open up!
*Education of Heart is the best what can happen to learner;
*Let us feel as free as cats who like to walk where they want!
* Next meeting of pedagogical council will be held with pit stops and through escape rooms.

Following VISITS OF INTERNATIONAL GUESTS were organized after “Crea Lab” and during the next day:  (16.-17.02):
1. International guests visited and experienced eduesc@peroom in Ranka Youth Initiative Centre “B.u.M.s.” that was developed during the project
2. Visit to Gulbene 2nd secondary school to see creative classroom built during the project.
3. Visit to K.Valdemāra primary school to see Pupils Board room developed during the project.