Training Course: Learning Lab: Eduesc@peroom 6-13 June 2016

The training course has been organised within the Looking at Learning [L@L] project as a learning mobility for educators.

L@L project has been set up as a 2-year Strategic Partnership on the topic of creative learning environments. This project has been supported by the Latvian National Agency of European Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme. L@L project developed a State of Art, an educational tool, the Eduesc@peroom and a large research on creative Learning Environments. The project was set up by 6 partners in Latvia, Netherlands and Spain as a cross-sectoral Learning project. The project included 2 training courses, one on creative Learning Environments and one on the educational tool, the Eduesc@peroom.

The aim of the training course was to support educators to develop Eduesc@perooms in their own educational settings.  Eduesc@perooms are educational escape rooms 24 participants from 6 partner organisations in Latvia, Netherlands and Spain, representing 19 schools, NGO’s and care centres.

The training was based on the outcomes of the first training, where indictors for creative learning environment have been identified. From there the course participants from all educational sectors explored the topic of gamification and playful learning. From there on, participants dived into the concept of the educational escape room with the guidelines of experts, developed prior to the training course.

Participants were divided in 4 groups to design and build an educational escape room, according to the needs of the target groups of 4 locations in the municipality of Stede Broec:

  • Elementary school De Baskuul: Eduesc@pe room on children’s storybook.
  • Praktijkschool- secondary school for young people with learning difficulties: Eduesc@pe room on autonomy, arranging your own international travel
  • Youth centre Inventas: Eduesc@pe room on combating stereotypes of homosexuality.
  • Merakel shed: mini-Eduesc@peroom for 10th anniversary on social inclusion of young people with disabilities.

The 4 Eduesc@perooms were all very successful, both as practice experiment for the Training Course, as for target groups participating in these escape rooms. About 150 children, youngsters and adults, with and without learning difficulties/ disabilities participated. The training course closed with conclusions, action plans for designing and building Eduesc@perooms in the ir own educational settings and with evaluations.

As a result of this course 16 Eduecs@perooms have been built in Latvia, Spain, Netherlands and Malta and a variety of educational fields, like elementary and secondary schools, youth centres universities, NGO’s, a care centre, community centre, cultural centre, castle and kindergarten and in Erasmus+ Toolfair for youth workers presenting educational tools.

The trainers of this Learning Lab:

Nacho Salgado           trainer in Erasmus+ Youth in Action, innovator is education, teacher in biology, specialized in learning environments and creativity.

Javi Quilez                  trainer in Erasmus+ Youth in Action, innovator is education, teacher in Waldorf school, specialized in game development and gamification

Gabi Steinprinz          senior trainer in Erasmus+ Youth in Action, training of trainers, innovator in education, specialized in organic and non-linear learning, competence development and creativity.

Nacho and Gabi have been involved in this L@L project as country coordinators, Javi has been involved as experts on gamification. All 3 of them have initiated and designed this L@L project and have been involved in the development of this educational tool. Gabi was also manager of this tool.