Rūta from HPPL

Rüta from HPPL

Rūta Kronberga is a project manager and leader of NGO “Humana People to People in Latvia”.  She has more than 6 years of experience leading NGO and developing local and international projects in the field of global education, youth work and project management. Rūta is a lecturer at University of Latvia, Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art, teaching study course on sustainability, global education. She is a board member of “Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation” and is actively involved in Global education working group that unites Latvian NGOs active in global education field.


“For me this project and concept of creative learning environment is interesting both professionally and personally! I am very curious to explore how learning environment affects our creativity and learning process of other people and myself as well. I absolutely believe in playfulness, environment that provides fun and enjoyable learning, as well as learning that gives confidence and self – acceptance of each learner. All of these beliefs I am interested to explore and implement; to explore and discover in a creative way and to open for everybody else to be albe to implement their own learning environment”. (Rüta Kronberga)