Sensi from MARACENA

Sensi from Maracena

María Ascensión Romero (Sensi), is Educator both in the formal field (being tutor for a classroom of Infantile Education) as in the non formal education (working as a volunteer at Red Cross and monitor of free time in the classroom of nature “La Alpujarra” Granada). She conceives formal and non-formal education as a way of life and a tool that allows you to transmit, through workshops and experiences, different skills, enabling pupils to discover for themselves – being aware of the age of their apprentices – the world around them and learn, based on their interests and fostering creativity in each of its activities.


“Due to my experience in the initial levels of learning, that is, in kinder, I consider that the stimulation of learning, should be based on the natural curiosity of the learner and provide the necessary tools for the act to teaching- learning can be manifested in many different ways.

Analyze methodological approaches of a particular country and to combine them with those of other countries, trying to get new tools for learning and enhancing creativity to break conventional structures, is one of the most influential participation and commitment to this project motivations. ” (Sensi)